Archived Adobe Flex SDKs

Seems as if the Flex SDK downloads on the Adobe SourceForge page ( aren’t working so I decided to archive my own copies in the mean time.  Figured this might help others have download issues until Adobe fixes the links.

Download -> Flex

Download -> Flex

Download -> Flex

Download -> Flex

Adobe also has an archived page for AIR SDKs at 

Update: It appears as if Adobes Flex SDK downloads are working again. I’m including those links here, but still keeping mine…just in case.

Adobe Flex 4.6.0 page :

Adobe Flex 4.5.1 page:

Adobe Flex 4.1 page:

Adobe Flex 3.6 page:

3 thoughts on “Archived Adobe Flex SDKs

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    • John Post author

      Not sure. I’ve sent out some emails and hope to find out. Hosting the SDKs on my site is not my long term plan. I’d rather leave that up to Adobe or Apache Foundation. Perhaps we are just caught in that awkward transition period.

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