DRM — okay for video, but it wasn’t for music

Just a quick thought that came to mind while reading some of the HTML5 vs Flash banter. One of the big pluses of Flash video is DRM. HTML5 doesn’t support DRM. But wasn’t it just a few years ago we were shouting down with DRM for mp3s? People were pissed they were buying music from iTunes but it only worked on iPods & iPhones.

So the RIAA is evil for enforcing DRM in our music and we revolt against that, but we bash HTML5 for not supporting DRM to protect the networks and MPAA? Maybe we should start pushing for no DRM on video as well?

2 thoughts on “DRM — okay for video, but it wasn’t for music

  1. aaron


    The point about drm on mp3 (for me) was that you could own something but still not control what you do with it. It was (is) an infringement in that sense. My take is that you’re not buying the video that you view in flash, so if its protected then fair enough.

    An analogy might be – I don’t mind going to an art gallery and being told you can’t take pictures – but on the street its my right.


  2. John Post author


    True, for most people, DRM for audio was about ownership and transfer rights.

    For me, DRM is like serial numbers and pad locks. Those who want it, will get it. It doesn’t keep the “bad guys” out, but just tends to make it more difficult & problematic for the everyday person.

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