Favorite Extensions: Flash and Firefox

I was chatting with a friend the other day about 3rd party Flash commands and he never even knew they existed. This led to a discussion of FireFox extensions that I can’t live without. I have quite a collection of favorites that I love to install, so I thought I would list them here for my benefit (for later retrieval), his benefit, and/or anyone elses.

Please feel free to add your own favorites (and links please).

FlashMX2004 Commands

Duplicate Layer (LINK)
Delete Empty Keyframes (LINK)
Symbol Swapper (LINK)
Pixel Tools (LINK)
Publish All (LINK)
Teknision Commands (LINK ) >> Includes: change case, clean up library, convert and distribute (!!), find in library, lock all masks, swap symbol across layer
JSAPI Snippets Panel (LINK)
SceneToMovie.jsfl ( LINK)
Invisible Button Tool (LINK)

Patrick Mineault has a good list to various other JSFL commands and tools on his site. I refer to his page a lot.

FireFox Extensions:

Web Developer (LINK)
Ad Block (LINK)
IE View (LINK)
OpenBook (LINK)
User Agent Switcher (LINK)
Disable Targets for Downloads (LINK)

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